Handling The Truth!

Since the Roswell Crash on July 8, 1947, Humanity has been slowly coming to terms with the idea that we are not alone in the universe.  This gentle realization may have been necessary but it has cost us.

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The Cost Of Innocence!

What if the truth of Extraterrestrial Life had been disclosed to us in 1947 and we had been able to accept it? Would we still be burning fossil fuels in our vehicles?  Would people suffer from poverty or die from disease?

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Truth Will Set Us Free!

The time has come for Humanity to deal with the reality of our existence and for governments and world religions to admit they’ve been shielding us from the truth.  The possibilities are endless, we are ready.

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ProDisclosure NOWwe are ready!

The “Powers That Be” aren’t going to hold a press conference to tell us Extraterrestrial Life exists, that we have been visited by ETIs, or that they have been withholding exotic technologies. It is in their best interest to avoid the subject as long as possible. However, the evidence of that reality has been mounting throughout history and, at this point, no one needs to tell us about it.

Now is the time to act. “Disclosure” isn’t about being told anything, it’s about telling the “Powers That Be” that we are no longer going to allow them to avoid the issue. July 8,2018 is the 71st Anniversary of the Roswell incident. On that day we take to the streets to peacefully witness to our belief, or effect our own “Disclosure” event to the “Powers That Be/Cabal/Illuminati”, that we know the truth.

Over the next 6 months believers across the world need to organize a gathering somewhere in their city, or find one in a neighboring city, on July 8th to give witness to our solidarity, to our maturity and to our resolve to move forward into a positive future. No violence, no protest… just a peaceful witness.


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